Friday, July 13, 2007

Wheatgrass Juice For Eczema

By Evelyn Lim

Wheatgrass juice is a good drink to consume if you have skin problems such as eczema. According to some experts, toxins in the blood cause some types of eczema. Since wheatgrass has been found to be good for purifying the blood, it appears that drinking wheatgrass will help. Additionally, wheatgrass is also known to restores the level of alkalinity of your blood. It is important for the acid/alkaline level to be balanced for good health. High acidic levels are known to be associated with high toxin levels.

Wheatgrass juice comes from wheat berries. They are grown and harvested in a matter of seven days. Being pure wheat, it is highly fibrous. And hence, is very helpful for those with chronic constipation. Wheatgrass has to be liquefied though, before it can be consumed.

Wheatgrass have high contents of chlorophyll, the very substance that makes plants green. Several researches have shown that chlorophyll is very good agent in detoxifying the body. It cleanses the blood, as well as the intestines and other organs. It contains lots of vitamins and minerals too; hence it is certainly fitting to become a nutrition buff's everyday juice drink. You can find many health stores nowadays selling wheatgrass juices.

If you want to consume wheatgrass for healing eczema skin, then you will need to ingest a sufficient amount to derive benefits. However, you should not exceed about 4 ounces per day. Ideally, that amount should be spaced out throughout the day. If you drink too much wheatgrass, you may get stomach upsets or nausea. This is primarily because of the strong cleansing abilities of wheatgrass juice.

For those who simply want good clear complexion, drinking wheatgrass every other day would still do much good. Take note that wheatgrass should be drunk on an empty stomach.

Consuming wheatgrass juice regularly is just one of the many options to help heal your eczema from inside out. The juice also contains many essential enzymes that your body needs for optimum health. Enzymes, in turn, help to strengthen your immune system and your body in its fight against the many allergens that cause your eczema to be worsened. To ensure that you get plenty of live enzymes, it is best to juice wheatgrass yourself or have the drink made fresh just before consumption.

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